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Looking for a fun bar & restaurant overlooking the river in Rochester, NY? Silk O'Loughlin's has delicious food & great company!

Where The River Meets Lake Ontario

Great Food & Great Company On The Water

Silk O’Loughlin’s is a bar and restaurant overlooking the river in Rochester, NY. We offer ​​gorgeous waterfront dining, fast and friendly service, and more for all to enjoy. Whether we are hosting special events, live music, or unbeatable drink specials, we guarantee you’ll enjoy your time here.

We are located in “Summerville,” an area by the lake in the town of Irondequoit. Our restaurant welcomes customers from all over Monroe County!

  upcoming special event

        2nd Annual Cocktails For A Cause! Thursday October 13th from 4pm-9pm 

This is a fun event for a great cause! Guest Bartenders, complimentary wine tasting, raffles, music and more!

Last year we raised over $11,000 and our goal this year is to beat that!   

For more info check our the event page on Facebook!




Waterfront Bar & Restaurant in Rochester, NY | Silk O'Loughlin's
Restaurant in Rochester, NY | Silk O'Loughlin's

We Began

Silk O’Loughlin’s was started in 1960 by Silk O’Loughlin himself. In 1980, Silk sold the famous waterfront restaurant to Jack Lynch, and Michael McKeon bought it in 2002. Michael grew up in the bar business, was a liquor salesman for ten years, and felt this was the perfect next opportunity.

Since the early 2000s, the place has been known for its delicious food, live entertainment, and excellent feel-good atmosphere. Silk O’Loughlin’s, also known as Olie’s to frequent locals, is a neighborhood, Irish sports, and beach bar overlooking the Genesee River and Lake Ontario.

Today, we offer a full bar, homemade pub food, Friday Fish Frys, friendly service, and much more.

Meet Our Team

Mike & Sarah McKeon

Michael and Sarah McKeon are the owners of O’Loughlin’s. Mike has been around O’s for about 30 years, as the owner for the past 20. Previously he worked in the wine and spirits business. Sarah was a waitress here 25 years ago but quit and eventually ended up running a successful online shoe company. With the recent floods and covid shutdown, she has been spending more time working at O’s and she’s been a tremendous addition! Anyone interested in raising money for a good cause, Sarah’s your girl!

Pat McKeon

Pat (Paddy) has been the manager at O’s for the past 20 years. he’s been around the restaurant business his whole life, working at Flaherty’s, The Village Inn, and J.G. Crummers, to name a few! Besides being an excellent bartender, Paddy can cook a great steak! He’s famous over the years for leaving half drunk Coors Lite cans littered around the bar! Unfortunately, he is also a Dolphin’s and Red Sox fan, in a predominantly Bill’s and Yankees bar! His favorite band is Duran Duran and his favorite movie is The Lion King!

Mark Pomponio

Mark Pomponio (PomPom) has been a bartender at O’s for 30 years now, and it seems like he’s finally getting the hang of it! Outside of O’Loughlin’s, he works with video games and cars, and spends time with his sons. He also enjoys vacationing with his special friend Mark Loj.

Ron Kuhn

Ron Kuhn (Bad Ronald), is officially not an employee at O’Loughlin’s! Over the years he comes down to help the girls set up the bar and chase away the creepers! Ron has worked at Xerox for over 30 years and uses the bar as a satellite office!


Although the deck staff changes a little every year, many like Lor, Courtney, Tori, Tara etc. keep coming back! The staff is like one big happy family! Well, most of the time!

Jeff Monaco

Jeff Monaco (just Jeff) has been working in the kitchen at O’s since his early teens! He’s single and shy, but loves to dance the night away with The Karl!

Mikey Jr.

Michael McKeon aka Junior or “Smolder” is the son-of-owner and has been working at the bar since his early teens. Mikey tends bar on Thursday and Friday nights and spends some time cooking also. Outside of work he spends most of his time with his fiancee and their beautiful daughter Emma!

Tyler Phillips

Tyler aka Big T has been at O’s for a few years now, and is considered one of our hardest workers! We hope to have him around for a few more years until he realizes his dream of dancing on Broadway

The Girls

Windy aka Not Wendy, has been at O’s for almost 20 years! She works Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, and she’s usually the first thing you hear when you walk in the door! Previously she worked at the Merchants Grill, Acme, and Fat Cats! Erin aka Hank was stolen from The Bayside about 3 years ago! She works the Sunday Funday day shift and fills in other nights. Erin is a teacher in Irondequoit (in her spare time). Danielle aka Deadbolt, has been the Saturday bartender for about 6 years now, but she works more shifts in the summer. If you’re looking for a house, she is a licensed realtor!

We’re hiring! Join Our team! 

We are currently looking for kitchen help and servers! Stop down today and apply!

If you’re looking for waterfront dining and good times, contact us at 585-266-7047 today!

Silk O'Loughlin's

5980 St Paul Blvd
Rochester, NY 14617


Phone: 585-266-7047


Monday - Friday:
3:00 PM - 2:00 AM
Saturday - Sunday:
12:00 PM - 2:00 AM